Print a report showing all remaining tasks for a resource across all projects

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How can I print a report showing all remaining tasks for a resource across all projects in MS Project? I just want to see the tasks specific to a single resource who is assigned to multiple projects and multiple tasks. I have not seen a way to target this information.

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Mark --

Potentially bad news. If you are using the Microsoft Project desktop application, there is no easy way to accomplish this. If you are using Project Online or Microsoft Project Server, then the information could be shown very easily in a Power BI report. Hope this helps.
Mark, I would do this from the Resource Center in Project Web App (PWA). Open the Resource Center. (If you do not have Resource Center on the Quick Launch menu of your PWA Home Page, your Administrator will need to grant access.) Click on the checkbox to select the resource of interest. Then, click on "Resource Assignments" in the ribbon. You can further filter and group the resulting view, as necessary.
I am using the desktop and I despise the web version. What must I do to accomplish this on the desktop version, no matter how convoluted it may be?
I am using the desktop version. I really despise the web version. Is there still some way to accomplish this on the desktop version? I am game, no matter how convoluted it may be.
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Mark --

OK, you want a convoluted way to accomplish this with the desktop tool? Here is what you would need to do:

1. Create a shared resource pool containing the names of all of the resources in all of your projects.
2. Connect each project to the shares resource pool file as sharing projects that share the resources in the pool.
3. Save everything project file, including the shared resource pool file.
4. Create a master project consisting of all of your projects as subprojects.
5. In the master project, apply the Resource Usage view and then insert the Project Name field to the right of the Resource Name field.
6. Apply the filter named Work Incomplete.
7. Collapse the task assignments for resources in which you are not interested and focus on the resources of interest.

I just tested this entire process and it works flawlessly, assuming I have documented the steps well. BTW, I am not sure why you say you despise the web version. If you are talking about the relatively new Project for the Web tool, I can understand your apprehension about this tool, given the fact that it is totally underpowered compared to the Microsoft Project desktop application. But Project Online is a full-featured enterprise project management tool, which would have the power that you seek. Anyway, hope this helps.