MS Project Online and Outlook Integration

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I enter time through Project online.  It would save me so much time if you could pick an associated project in outlook calendar invites and have that populate a timesheet.  

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davcjohn --

Many years ago, Project Server offered integration with Microsoft Outlook. However, in my opinion the integration was poorly done, and Microsoft later removed this functionality. There has been no attempt since then to provide this Outlook integration. Sorry, but hope this helps.


Hi Dale,
Currently Project Online (p3) shows in Task Center an "Outlook Sync icon" (up-right of the screen) deactivated.     Is there any way to activate it?   If not, why Microsoft is mantaining it?.

I attach pdf file image.
Thanks a lot for you attention and response.


@Dale Howard 

CarlosMorenoV --

The button to which you refer is an artifact of an older version of the software that was never removed from the user interface. I can assure you that the Sync to Outlook functionality was removed from the software many years ago. Sorry, but hope this helps,

Thank you very much Dale, I will answer more confident to my customer now.

I read another post (not sure if written by Paul) saying that Microsoft plans to provide soon Task synchronizing between Project for the Web and Planner, Outlook, To Do...   I suppose they will forget about Project Online, dont't you think?   @Dale Howard