MS Project Linked to Excel Issue

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I have a large excel file that I am linking my MS Project to. When I open MS Project I get the dialogue box of "Project cannot connect to link "" Do you want to delete the link? To delete the link, click Yes. To keep the link, click No. You can change the link reference to reflect the new data. On the context menu, click Links, and then click Change Source."


I've seen people mention adding "Edit Links" to the Toolbar, however once I add it, it is grayed out. Any ideas why?

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First of all let me caution you about using Paste Links between Excel and Project. Paste Links are fragile and prone to corruption. There are better ways to share data between Excel and Project.

To answer your question, there are two "link" buttons that can be added to the toolbar. If you added the "Edit Links" icon, that is for Hyperlinks. The icon you want is "Edit Link", that is for Paste Links.