Master project/ active link with tasks in sub project.

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I am project manager and lead projects with matrix organization.
I need to get informations (finish date mainly) from production, purchasing, designer, prototype departments for many tasks for one project.
With MS Project, is it possible to build a connection between:
- project manager planning, my planning regrouping all the datas from tasks coming from others planning.
My planning is stocked D:/business unit 1/project management

- and the others from design, purchasing, production respectively located into the following folders:
D:/business unit 1/design
D:/business unit 1/purchasing
D:/business unit 1/production

I want to extract some tasks corresponding to my project into the three above planning and when the responsible of the three above plannings make an update, it reports in my planning.

It should avoid many mistakes and the meeting between services would serve to solve problems not to update planning.
Do you think it ‘s possible?

Many thanks per advance for your reply,
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A short answer is - Yes.


You can link subprojects and include active, linking predecessors within other projects. These will live-update the master project as changes are made. 


Some good material surrounding this circulating online.


Best of luck.