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I need some help deleting some enterprise calendars that were created in error. We need to remove them so that users cannot use them by mistake.

I go to PWA Settings > Enterprise Calendars, select the calendar I want to delete and then click Delete. I get a message saying "The calendar is in use by the following projects" and "Edit the projects to use a different calendar and try again".

I've checked all the projects listed and they are not using the calendar I'm trying to delete!


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Edwin --

When the error message states that the calendar is in use in an enterprise project, this means that the calendar is either specified as the Project Calendar or has been applied to one or more tasks as a Task Calendar. To check if the calendar is specified as the Project Calendar, click the Project Information button in the Properties section of the Project ribbon. Do you see the indicated calendar in the Calendar pick list in the upper right corner of the dialog? If so, click the Calendar pick list and select a different calendar.

To determine if the calendar has been applied as a Task Calendar, apply the Gantt Chart view. Right-click on the Duration column header, select the Insert Column item on the shortcut menu, and then select the Task Calendar field. In the Task Calendar column header, click the Auto Filter pick list button (the arrow button). In the Auto Filter menu, select the checkbox for only the calendar in question and then click the OK button. Change the Task Calendar value to either None or to another calendar.

Hope this helps.
Hi Dale,
That’s exactly what I understood the message to mean, but I’ve checked the project calendar and task calendar on every task and this enterprise calendar is not used anywhere.
It doesn’t make sense.
Edwin --

Very odd. I suspect this may be a bug. You might want to open a case with Microsoft Support to see if they can troubleshoot and resolve this problem. Sorry I cannot be of more help.
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@Edwin_Derry_Iconsys I had the same issue - I found that the Calendar I wanted to delete was included in the project under the Organizer > Calendar tab. Once I deleted the calendar from the Organizer view, I could delete the calendar from the enterprise. 

Carol --

Thank you for troubleshooting the problem, resolving the problem, and then letting us know how you solved the problem! :)

@Dale Howard 


I suppose I will have to go into 100s of projects which some are still active (I'm not sure why the users are using them), to delete the local and enterprise calendar.  I don't understand why every project up to ~1,000 all have (so far as I can tell) all and I mean all (~15) enterprise calendars listed in their projects under Organizer/Calendar.  Something is wrong.   I can remove one, but doing it for 15 calendars for 1,000 projects, is too much.

The project tasks have no calendars but when I go into the organizer > calendar tab they are listed... it looks like they added all enterprise calendars (which most are junk) to their project.  I have deleted one from 2 so far ... so this means I will need to go through 100s of projects to delete calendars before I can remove it from Enterprise Calendars.  I don't think I have the time for this.

Hi Carol, I am having the same issue in trying to delete some resource calendars that I created. I deleted them from the Organizer but I still can't delete them. Is there another way to delete them ?