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I have a problem on my project when I try to print my schedule, the deadline takes priority over the link. An example on the following screenshot:



On the first screenshot no problem, the link is between the task and the milestone, on the second the deadline icon takes priority and the link is from the task to the deadline.


Important note:

When I create a schedule from scratch I don't have this problem.

If I take a schedule from a colleague and I open it on my msp, no problem.

If a colleague who doesn't have a problem on his msp opens my file he has the bug.

So I guess the problem comes from the file.


If needed I can upload my .mpp file on a drive and share the link.

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Your notes indeed indicate there is an issue with the file so this is what I suggest. Save your file as XML. Then re-open the XML file in Project. Let us know if that helps.


Hello @John-project,

Thank you for your answer.


The manipulation worked. Even if I lose all my formatting, I no longer have the bug.


So it is probably a parameter or setting of the file. For my knowledge I would like to know which one.



You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.

File corruption can occur for many reasons but rarely is it due to a parameter or setting of the file. In most cases it is the result of the user doing some action that "confuses" the application. Without a good operational trail of what you did with the file prior to the issue, it is extremely difficult to nail down a specific cause. Sorry.