Project Roadmap Rolls into Production

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We are incredibly proud to announce that we have deployed Project Roadmap to 10% of our North American Tenants. Over the next few weeks we will roll-out to the remaining worldwide commercial customers. This is a huge milestone for Project as it completes its transition to the CDS and PowerApps platform. Our wonderful customers have been excited for a new vision for our future – and it starts today!




In 1984 the first version of Project was released upon the world with a highly graphical UI for laying out tasks. Over the past 35 years, Project has remained the market leader in Project Management software. But the world is not standing still.


With the release of Roadmap, we are taking a quantum leap forward in our platform and UX. Built on React, CDS the PowerApps platform and Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Project is now ready to help our customer manage their work in modern, collaborative ways. With Roadmap in continuous delivery mode we are excited to continue to roll out improvements every day/week/month.


Enjoy, and keep the feedback flowing on UserVoice




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Has anyone (or can MS) advise when this may be arriving to our O365 tenant?  I have opened a support ticket to see if we can accelerate the deployment of Project Roadmap.  As a side note, the choice to enable/disable Roadmap is present in the Settings area of the O365 Admin portal, but not able to turn on.  We have checked to make sure that we have a "default" (instance type) CDS 2.0 instance ready to go and we are licensed properly for Project Premium Online as well as having setup/used the SharePoint 365 hosted PWA site.




@Matt Burback Rollout is 'non-deterministic' within a region. Based on how the rollout goes, we will continue to increase the % of tenants we push to. Fingers crossed, you should see it fairly soon. Thanks for your interest and feedback!



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Is there an update on the rollout? We're von full tenant first release and the settings page says the roadmap is not yet available for our organization.

@Ivan Unger we are at 20% and moving up tonight

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My organization needs the new Roadmap, do you have an ETA to complete?



@dlendry We are now turned on for 50% of our tenants. Are you a PM or an admin? we are about to post an update that helps people understand they need to turn on the feature in admin

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is there any documentation out there that shows the pre-reqs to be included in the rollout? I know that I have a PWA that is deployed, but not in use, but thats about it.

My admin settings still say "roadmap is not available for your organization" in red text.

Any date on when this will be rolled out for GCC Moderate?


@Stacey Strickland no target date yet. we need to get into the audit pipeline first - then we will know better. Right now we need to go through the core Office 365 audit in feb/march before we move to GCC audits.


@Howard Crow - Thanks for providing a reply to the GCC inquiry from @Stacey Strickland and please keep the board posted on status.

We are definitely watching for this in our GCC tenant as well. I understand we are a way smaller user base and have more complex auditing to go through for our tenant, but such advances are truly appreciated when they come our way.

Just wish the trickle down to us was a little faster. :\


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.@Howard Crow I will echo the other GCC tenant responses. The GCC roadmap doesn't have this listed as a feature, but there is some clamor in my organization for the Roadmap feature as well. 


@Howard Crow, any word on the audit pipeline status for Roadmap in the GCC tenants? 

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Any updates on the GCC likelihood? This is great interest to leveraging this.

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Any update on this for GCC customers?

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