Update SharePoint list with Excel Items

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I've been working on this for some time, it seems like it should be easy but has proven to stump me.


I have a SharePoint list I use to track workplace safety incidents.  I have an excel sheet (set up as a table) that is downloaded from WCB's website.  I want to take certain cells from the excel sheet (4 columns) and update that information on the SharePoint list using a commonality between the two.  In this case, the commonality would be the WCB claim number.  I would like the flow to be manually triggered.


Can anyone offer some help?

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This is possible using Power automate flow. You need to upload excel file to SharePoint/OneDrive, then you can read the excel rows using Power automate and then update SharePoint list items.


Below references should help you to get started:

  1. Add & Update Excel Data to SharePoint List using Power Automate 
  2. Update SharePoint List From Excel File 
  3. EXCEL To SharePoint List Through MS Flow 

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I created a flow to update and create item from excel to share point but the flow fails for the Number formatted columns if the excel have blank values. please help regarding this issue.

@Gayathri_Reddy a quick fix would be to set the column type as single/ multiple lines of text instead of number. You can format the data afterwards per your use case. 

Hi - Does this work for columns that are multiple-choice? Or is this best for columns that are single/multi-line text boxes?


It works if my excel sheet has unique value, but in my case does Column A has the same value, and I need to make it look in booth Column A and B beacuse the combination is unique.
Can someone please help me?

@jleblanc95 You could do that with a 3rd party software that you install in Excel : Synchronizer for Excel and SharePoint, https://www.synchronizer-for-excel-and-sharepoint.com. It will export your existing list to Excel, let you add rows in Excel, or fill in empty columns in Excel, then sync it back to SharePoint as often as you want. After the sync, Excel also gets the updates from SharePoint, so that both always stay in Sync (Disclaimer: It is developed and maintained by my company.)