Append entry to lookup column using Power Automate

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I have x2 SP lists:


  1. List 1
  2. List 2

In each list, there is a column 'PAN'. This will act as a one-to-many relationship between List 1(one) and List 2(many).  When a field in List1 is modified and is a specific value, I want to populate a lookup column in List 1 with all the IDs of those Items in List 2 with matching PAN values. 


I use Get items to filter the items returned from List 2 based on the PAN from List 1. No issues.


I then use an 'Apply to Each' using the VALUE returned from the Get Items to try to Append each ID (from List 2) to the lookup column values. When I do this it replaces the previous ID until only the last ID remains in the Lookup field.


The Lookup column is an Integer and allows for multiple entries. 


How do I loop through all the returned values and append each one into the Lookup field so I have all the returned values (IDs) in the lookup field?


Thank you in advance




Thank you.

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