Flow to grap information from Sharepoint list and create csv file and copy a folder at the same time

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Hi all,


I am hoping for some help, since I am stuck.

I am trying to create a Flow that will take specific data from a SharePoint list and create a csv file and place the csv file on another SharePoint site.

I have a few problems, all has to do with the fact that I need attachments (png files) to the list items. But I need them to be separate – attachments going to one csv file placed in one SharePoint site, and attachments to the same list item but going to another csv file on a different SharePoint site.

This is because I am consolidating information in the SharePoint list, but I need to share the information with two sets of users that are not allowed to see the same attachments. At the moment we are using 2 different Excel sheets, but I want my colleague to only update in one place (SharePoint list) and then copy out the 2 sets of information using Flow.

I have no problems with making a Flow creating the CSV files and putting them in another Site. But I can’t get the attachment problem solved.  

So, to get around that I thought I would create 2 columns in the list; Link and LinkISS, to signify the 2 different CSV files they will go into.

The link will link to the png files. I will store them in 2 libraries on the same site as the list.

I would love to create a flow to copy the files in the folder to a different SharePoint site and then point the links to the copied files. But I am unable to.

I was just going for the simple solution, using the “Copy Folder” in Flow. But regardless of how I try to configure the Flow fails:   "error":  "code": 502,    "message": "BadGateway",  "status": 500

I created a Flow that copy a file between the same sites and it works fine, so I have connection between the sites.

Anybody that can give me a better solution than “Copy Folder” and/or an explanation as to how I make it work?

Thanks in advance

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