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If I create a flow for a selected file with a approval everything works with the Approval Status being approved. But I really need the approvers name and approval date. If I enter this in flow the columns are being populated with this info but in the version history it´s my name that modified the column. This will not work for us since we need this data asa real signature.

Also I see that the approval status column har not being entered into the version history, why is that?

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@36048419 what you'll need to do is to have extra columns in your SharePoint list to hold the details of who approved it, the date they approved it and any comments. Then after the approval/rejection is done you would update the item in the SharePoint list:










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@RobElliott Thanks for your reply.

The problem is that if I create the flow it will say that I changed this in the version history for the document.

It just looks weird.

@36048419 Yes it will as you are the owner of the flow. There's no way round that which is why you need the additional columns to store the approval details. It's what we do at my company.


Los Gallardos
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