Sharepoint files and folders created with Power Automate do not sync to desktop (OneDrive)

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I created a folder, and file within it, with Power Automate and it shows up in Sharepoint but does not (ever?) sync to the desktop.

If I use Power Automate to create folderA/folderB/file.txt

It will not sync by itself "after a while" - where "a while" is exceeding the utility of automating it (I did not test longer periods of time)

It will not sync if you create things in OneDrive that sync properly

It will not sync if you press the sync button in Sharepoint

it WILL sync if you create FolderA in OneDrive (as in, it will sync folderB/file.txt)

it WILL sync if you create anything directly on the Sharepoint site




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Sorry, might be me but I'm not quite understanding what you mean by the content showing up in SharePoint but not sync to the desktop.


Is there content you're expecting to see on your desktop when Power Automate creates the content online?




@Damien Rosario 
The content is showing up in SharePoint, but not in the OneDrive folders created when you make a M365 group. Not the personal OneDrive, the company's group folder. They are accessed in the lower left under Quick Access in Explorer. All other modifications to these folders sync as expected, both to and from the web, and also across all the computers of members of the group.