Is there a dynamic way to show and upload files to SharePoint

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I want to build something as follow inside my Power Apps:-






where user do the following:-


1) Enter a string representing the designs separated by ",".

2) based on the number of designs (3 in the above example) >> to show Upload files controls inside a gallery

3) where users can upload a file and chose its Design from a combbox based on the values entered inside the text field (Desgins).

4) then the user clicks on submit >> which should submit the text field to a SharePoint list and the 3 attachment files to a SharePoint library.


Of course users can enter many designs and not limited to 3, where i need this to dynamically allow to upload files. is this possible inside Power apps? also i need this to work for new & edit scenarios, where users can access the screen and edit the designs attachments or upload new ones.. can anyone help? i know how to upload files from power apps to SharePoint using power automate, my question is how i can handle the attachments and their metadata and pass them to power automate for new and edit scenarios?


Thanks in advance for any help. 

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