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Hi Guys, 


I posted this in another community but nobody answered me yet that's why I'm posting over here. I'm having some issues on a specific workflow that updates a list on SharePoint. 


This is my scenario: I have a plan on Planner called New Hire that contains 4 bucket list and each bucket contains a couple tasks attached to it. 


I have two workflows that function behind the scenes.

1o - If a new task is created, an item is created on the SharePoint List. 

2o -  If a task is completed, an item from the list is updated through a workflow. 


Although everything is working fine, I noticed an issue! Every time the second workflow updates an item from the list, it gets the wrong bucket name from Planner. It always gets the first bucket name. In the following example, you will see that the title should be Departmental Orientation which is the second bucket list name but the workflow is getting the first bucket name which is HR Orientation. 


Does anyone know how I could get the exact bucket name I am looking for? Thanks! 


New Hire plan on Planner AppNew Hire plan on Planner AppList on SharePointList on SharePointLast part of the second workflow that updates an item from the listLast part of the second workflow that updates an item from the list 

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Can you share how are you getting the bucket name in the Flow? The problem is in the Flow and the actions you have to get info. from Planner...basically when you detect a new Task is added / completed, you will need to query the Bucket the Task it belongs to and for this you might need to make a Graph API request

Thank you, Juan, for replying to my post. 


Here are some screenshots from the workflow. 



I think your problem is with the List buckest action...what you need is to get the bucked Id of the task that has been added / completed

@Juan Carlos González Martín


I believe I should use the value name to get the Bucket Name but unfortunately, I'm still getting the result of the first bucket name I have on Planner. It's not getting the exact bucket name from the task that has been completed. 


*another note: It looks like there is no option to get the bucket name from the action 'When a task is completed'. That is possible only from the action 'List bucket' but It does not help me since it gets the first bucket name. 


Does anyone have an idea how I could solve this issue? Thanks


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.02.23 PM.png

@DeletedBrianSmith any ideas here on why this isn't working for @Rafael Benicio?

I think the problem has been correctly identified - the action is not specific to the task - it is just getting the first bucket in the plan. A Graph call may be needed as suggested - or our Flow logic needs to allow the parent bucket to be identified.