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Hi, I created an annual plan that I want to share with other team members but don't want them to edit it. So I created a small group and then shared the plan with the public setting. If you receive the public plan view-only link, you CANNOT edit the plan. You can type things but they instantly disappear! 

BUT, there is a button up top that says Join and if a view-only user presses that button, they get instantly added to the planner and can now edit the board! Is there a way to make that button go away? or another way to share a planner without edit access? 


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This would be extremely useful. I feel all that is needed, is the Planner Owner should have the ability to "Allow to Join" or "Don't Allow to Join" planner option. As of now, by default anyone can choose to "Join" which defeats the purpose of sharing project information while maintaining control from an "Owner" perspective.