Please add swimlanes to Planner

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There's been a few threads requesting swimlanes be added to Planner over the years and I wanted to again express the need for this, as the absence of cross-cutting swimlanes causes my teams quite a bit of pain. 


As an Agile coach, I need cross-cutting swimlanes in order to better deal with several different types of work in our Kanban/Scrumban systems. Swimlanes would greatly help at the portfolio level as well, to monitor the progress of epics of multiple teams. 


I would like add swimlanes and then be able to name the swimlanes, for example:

  • Team/Department/Individual
  • Feature
  • Recurring tasks

This addition would provide me SO MUCH peace of mind, and I hope you'll consider it as an urgent feature addition. Thank you! 

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Best you can do here is to post this feedback in the feedback Portal

Yes, 100% I agree with BCReeth. Managing work chunks on different levels is hard and impossible in the current situation.