Resource planning in Planner

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I have just started experimenting with the Planner, and am wondering how to add resource planning to the tool.

In our organisation we work on multiple projects simultaniously, and therefore it is necessary to see the effort/time in hours needed for a task, before asigning it to a resource. How do I do that in Planner?

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There is no option in Planner to enter the time needed for a task. You need to use the task description box for this or try the third party tools to create custom fields in Planner. 

Agree here, if resource planning is important in your requirements then you have to go for another tool such as Project + Project Online

Unfortunately, MS Project is not an option - we don't use that tool in our organisation, so I need something else. I have now migrated my project file to a SharePoint list, but I really need somewhere to input the effort. There must be some tool/app I can use for this?