Are there plans to add another timeline view, similar to a gantt chart, to Planner?

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My team is currently exploring project management / collaboration tools for our HR team. Since my company is already on Office 365, I recommended we use Planner. Personally, I manage all my projects via a super basic Excel timeline template I created. It's so simple; we're small, have moving target timelines and don't deal in dependencies or classic resource scheduling, so we just need something basic to manage all the parts and pieces of a project. Something non-project managers can quickly catch onto. Creating a project timeline is how I start every project. However, if we start to use Planner more for task management, I'd love to have a visual way to create and monitor the schedule, something that is more of a gantt chart style timeline and not just a calendar view. I attached an image below of what I currently use in Excel.


Is another timeline view or basic gantt chart capabilities on the road map anywhere for Planner?


I know the tool continues to be developed, and I'd love for our team to just use something we already have in-house. The only solution I can think of right now is to keep a tab in Teams with this DIY project plan and then actually assign the tasks via planner, though that's a little clunky. Thoughts? Better way to do this?


PM Chart example.jpg


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AFAIK, there are not plans to have that timeline view in have this view in Project on the web