Exporting Planner to Excel

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The implementation of Exporting Planner to Excel, as I see it, is a dead end currently -- I can export it manually, then interact with that stand alone excel sheet to make it better to read. However, when I want to do it all over again 3 weeks later, I have to reformat everything from scratch.


Any instruction exist on creating a smarter product out of the current Export to Excel implementation? How can I create a data connection between the planner and an excel workbook, so I can just hit refresh in Excel to pull hte latest data? Or at the very least, a better way to create a nice workbook template that I don't have to re-implement every couple weeks.

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It is possible to use Microsoft Flow to schedule periodic updates of a table in Excel.

List Rows in a Table > Apply to each > Get Task > Update a Row in a Table

@mike_302 You need to use the third party app to schedule this export process. This app will export the tasks to Excel in the specified format at the regular intervals you have configured. Let me know if you need more details.