Create Planner plan inside MS Teams standard channel, can we force the documents storage location

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I have a Microsoft Private Teams, which contains; 2 standard channels. and inside each channel i create a planner plan, as follow:-




but i have noted when we create a new task inside the planner plans, and we attach a file, the file will be stored directly inside the Team site Document library and not inside the standard channel folder. is there a way to change this? so each plan will have its files stored inside the standard channel folder instead?

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Hi @johnjohn-Peter,

when you create a new task in a Planner plan and include a file, the system automatically saves it in the default document library linked to your plan's Microsoft 365 Group.
Unfortunately, there is currently no built-in option to modify this default save location. The files are stored directly in the Document library of the Team site rather than within the standard channel folder.

However, there is a workaround available. You can create a designated folder within the document library and upload files to it. Then, when adding an attachment in Planner, choose SharePoint and select the files from the created folder. This method allows you to organize your files within a specific folder in the document library.
Microsoft Planner: change default file storage location - Microsoft Community

Acknowledging your need for more flexibility, I suggest giving your feedback to Microsoft directly from Planner.


You can also post your feature request in Microsoft Feedback Portal:
Ideas · Community (

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