why we can not create planner plans inside Microsoft Teams private and shared channels

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I have a Microsoft Private Teams, which contains; 2 standard channels + 1 private channel + 1 shared channel.


now for the standard channels i can create planner plan for them, as follow:-





while for the private and shared channels this option is not available, as follow:-





so what is the reason behind this , that we can not create planner plan for private and shared channels, even if i go to the related SharePoint site for the private and for the shared channels this option is not there as well:-





any advice?

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Hi @johnjohn-Peter,

Hi @johnjohn-Peter,

when you create a new plan in Planner, it automatically creates an Office 365 group. This group is a shared workspace for email, conversations, files, and events where group members can collectively get stuff done.

Now, when it comes to private channels in Teams, they are designed to be areas within a team where a subset of the team can have focused, private conversations and share files. However, these private channels are not tied to an Office 365 group. This is why you cannot add a Planner tab to a private channel in Teams.

The Planner tab relies on the Office 365 group created when a plan is made, and since a private channel doesn’t have an associated Office 365 group, it can’t support a Planner tab.

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