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This may be a controversial stance, but, I actually love Mondays. It's a chance to start fresh, get organized, and set new goals! My Monday morning routine always consists of: coffee, sorting through emails, and organizing my Planner Plans. In that order. 


I've got a few favorite Plans that I'm constantly switching between. Of course, the work contained in each isn't perfectly separate and often overlaps. For instance, I have a new idea so I create a task in my 'Ideas' board. Let's say, every time someone completes a task, a little dinosaur pops out of the corner and eats the task.


Dinosaur eating Planner-01.png


I add details to that task, and soon it's ready to become a work item to collaborate on! Until now, I've needed to manually copy over my tasks. Two windows, copy/paste, that kind of thing. Now that I can chose which plan (and bucket) I want a copy of my task to land in, I can send it over to the right place. Now my dinosaur idea has a beautiful spot on my 'Feature Wish List' board!


Copy task dialogue.JPGWe'll be exploring and expanding the ways in which you and your team can organize work in Planner, and hope this will be a helpful step forward. Here's an article to learn more about this feature:


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