Bring your plans to life with guests in Planner
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Hello and happy Friday!


As all of us on the Planner team work to better understand how to create a product that encourages effective teamwork, we think a lot about what it means to work in a team. We think about the tasks and activities teams might want to accomplish. We think about how individuals within a team communicate. And most often, we think about how teams organize and track their work. Until recently, our mental model of what a "team" is revolved around 'groups of individuals within a shared organization'. This is a comfortable definition to make design decisions around, but the more we listened to Planner users and thought about what our own team looks like, the more we realized that this is not a perfect model. 


In practice, a "team" can consist of a lot of different people. One of which is individuals from outside your organization. So, we set out to make sure that teams with guests can also use Planner to get organized and reach their goals!


How does this work? What can guests do and not do? Here's a support article to learn more: Guest access in Microsoft Planner


In addition to guests being able to use Planner, we will soon be delivering the ability to add a guest from within Planner. Here's a support article that explains how this will work: Add a guest member to a plan


We hope this will help bring all of your goals, events, and ideas to life with Planner! Let us know what you think of guest access and how your team works together below!




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