When will MS block Outlook 2007 from connecting to Office 365 / Exchange Online

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As per the title really, this was expected to happen last year but seemed to get a stay of execution. Does anybody know if MS still plan to block Outlook 2007 clients from connecting or if they will just let it carry on until they change something their end that will break it?

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Afaik it should be already blocked, as 2007 does not support MAPI/HTTP, which is currently the only method you can connect via: https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/3201590/rpc-over-http-reaches-end-of-support-in-office-365-...


That's for the "general" O365 though, the local/GOV clouds might have different plans.

Strange as it definitely still works, I'll try and get hands on with one or install 2007 in a VM to see whats going on.



Per my understating it will not be blocked, you just simply not get support if you keep using Outlook 2007. Is there any reason to use such old version Outlook version? From the same article:


"I'm using Office 365 with Outlook 2007 or an earlier version. What actions do I have to take?


MAPI over HTTP was not backported to Outlook 2007 or earlier versions. If you're using Outlook 2007, you will be in an unsupported state on October 31, 2017."

Might be the case indeed, I was under the impression that it was going to be blocked, but "not supported" means something different of course :) I'll reach out to some folks to get a proper answer.

OK, so yes, it should work as MS is not deliberately blocking RPC/HTTP. It's simply unsupported, meaning if you run into issues with it, they will just tell you to upgrade. But connectivity with 2007 should still be possible. Sorry for misleading you :)



I knew they said somewhere it would no longer work, I wish they would make good on this promise.