Cannot open email with attachments files on

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Hi, i`ve been having a problem with a coworkers incoming mail on

Whenever anyone sends her an email with an attached file, it wont open, not just the attached file but the email in general, and only shows this error: "Your request cant be completed right now. Please try again later"

I´ve tried accesing via other web browser, the outlook beta, opening the email in another computer. The only thing that worked is configuring her email on Outlook 2013, but the problem on the continues.

Has anyone had this problem before and found a solution?


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This issue started in our tenant a few days back. I have a support ticket open, but so far Microsoft has not found a fix for it. It's happening mostly with externally received e-mails with or without attachments. Also I have seen some of my older e-mails that I have in my archive Inbox and Sent box have the same issue.


Is this still an issue?