Unable to Delete deleted items

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User mailbox was not maintained. There is no litigation hold. There is no retention policy. I am looking for a powershell command to delete "Recoverable Items" which is 30 GB. I would also like to delete items from "Purges" which is also 30 GB. I don't think I have found the right powershell command but not for lack of looking. Can anyone shed some light please? From within OWA for this user, no matter how many times the deleted folder is emptied, it does not get rid of the 23,000+/- emails. I waited overnight to see if it was a synchronization thing also. Purge shows nothing. Retain Deleted items is set for 0 for this user. Looking for a powershell command to empty this specific user's Recoverable Items and Purges folders if one exists. Thanks in advance for any insight. Just in case this is the second time this shows up, I thought I posted it earlier but I couldn't find it so here it is again.

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