Send to OneNote on Outlook Mobile

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When does the team plan to add "send to OneNote" in Outlook Mobile?

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On which mobile platform?
I believe you can actually send an email to OneNote, although I suspect that's the consumer version using

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I have IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


Outlook for IOS and Android does not have send to OneNote like Outlook 2016 has.


I do not think Windows Phone mail app has the ability to send to OneNote either.


Newton, a 3rd party app does have this capability.


Why can Microsoft not make this feature available in their mobile apps



I look forward to having this functionality as well.
Hi, on Outlook for IOS or Outlook for Android, I can send from Outlook 2016 today, Evernote has an add in, why does MS not have add in

ios and anndroid

@Dave NortonI'm interested in this feature on iOS as well.

me to
Android outlook even has Evernote as a addin.... How about onenote?
"Send to OneNote" for Outlook desktop app meeting requests is a great & time-saving piece of functionality that gets used multiple times a day, every day.
When will this functionality be included in Outlook mobile, please, @Pernille-Eskebo?
The original post here is approaching 5 years old!?

It works today with Outlook Mobile. I am in beta channel for Outlook Mobile, I think it should be available today. @DRussell22