Outlook - OWA in 365 - display settings changed overnight by Microsoft - why?!?

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I use Outlook on 365 in Chrome to access emails. Have done for many years now. 


this morning my display view is much much smaller. Has Microsoft changed something?!


I tested in Edge (which I never use for email) and it's exactly the same smaller display.


I tested in Chrome on my virtual pc and it's exactly the same smaller display too


I literally have white space down the bottom of the folders view, when I never did before. It's not the compact/cozy/roomy view either as I always run in compact - changing to roomy gets the folders to move back, but then the rest of the messages are all spread out like crazy and the emails are super spread out - urgh! 


so, not my pc, not my browser, but is my email


what is Microsoft up to?! this is seriously screwing up my viewing now, as I can't adjust the 100% view in Windows display to fix this as it breaks everything else.


all my other web pages are fine, and my zoom in Chrome is still 100% as it's always been


not happy today.



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the folders and subject lines fonts are much smaller than the font in the actual emails.

Hi @rogerfinch ,


it is possible that something changed in the Layout settings. Check it out.




yes, I've been through this too. seems that the roomy option is the most like what it was, but the folders are spaced out too far on this one.

I do hate it when they keep playing with the design. it's bad enough following the admin portal changes.

and I'm not going to use the Outlook desktop app - it's not 1990!