Send button stuck on Schedule only

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I just downloaded the latest version of Outlook for Mac (16.86 - 24050613).  Now all of the sudden when I go to click on the Send button in the upper left corner of a drafted message it only opens the Schedule Send option.  It won't just send the e-mail immediately.  I am not clicking on the little arrow on the right side.  I am clicking the main Send button.  This is driving me nuts.  I can send it immediately from the Drafts menu but I've never had to do that before and could always just click the Send button.  I've tried quitting Outlook and restarting but that didn't work.  I am running the Legacy Outlook version as I don't like the New Outlook.  Any ideas?

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Also encountered this bug/issue this morning. I tried updates and checking settings to no resolve. Issue doesn't appear with New Mode. Hopefully there is a solution for this soon.