Report Phishing Add-In: Public Folders & Shared Mailboxes

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When will Microsoft allow users to report emails in public folders and shared mailboxes with the Report Phishing add-in?? It seems simple enough doesn't it? Companies like KnowBe4 can sideload their Add-In to allow reporting of emails, why can't a cloud based Add-In do the same? (KnowBe4's cloud-based add-in can't do the same either). We can't rely on employees to have to jump through several hoops to report an email in a Shared Mailbox or a Public Folder, they would just end up deleting it, and then would end up just deleting it out of their personal boxes as well. While better than them clicking on phish, it still takes away that visibility of seeing the reported messages. Even if Public Folders were taken away, you should be able to use the Add-In for Shared Mailboxes without having to "sign" into the Shared Mailbox.

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