"new outlook" not syncing email messages back to IMAP server.

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Got a new client who's had a new starter and rather than using the normal working outlook, they setup the new user in "new outlook" :'(

We came to migrate them to 365 from standard IMAP server and this users sent items we're missing.

Went into the old outlook profile in new outlook and all the sent items showed fine.


So thats the first issue, why are those messages not stored server side?

Can't export from the app.

Can't find a data storage file or folder to go and directly retrieve it from.

And searching for anything about "new outlook" find nothing useful as once again its a different product that shares the same name as the OLD but still new outlook?!?!?

And there is no documentation for "new outlook"


So just tried a few bits:

Created a new inbox folder, that appeared server side.

Copied the emails to the folder and they never sync back server side.


So last ditch,

Added the 365 account to just move them directly in the app.

You can't move mail between IMAP and exchange accounts.


So anyone got any ideas how you can get these messages out of hell, sorry "new outlook"...


Windows 11 machine 

Microsoft Outlook Version 1.2024.327.300 (Production).

Client Version is 20240329006.13


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Dave Webster

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