Problem with Outlook contacts not displaying

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I'm running the new Outlook on a Windows 11 computer. I have two issues that may be related. The first issue involves images in emails. I have had an intermittent problem where images will not download. I can usually exit out of Outlook and reopen the program and the images will magically download. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. I have download all images in emails selected.


The next issue just appeared today. When I select people, all of my contacts show up, but when I select an individual contact, the information for that contact does not appear in the view window. It's just blank. If I select group contacts and then switch back to individual contacts, the individual contact information will appear. If I select another contact, no information.

In trying to troubleshoot I discovered the following: contacts work normally on my mobile device, If I log into, there are no contacts listed, when I select an individual contact, the logo image will disappear and then reappear after a second or two, I know the contact information is there because I can get it to display by doing the groups to individual contact switch.

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So, two weeks and no reply. The problem of not showing contact information in the view pane persists.

I have the same problem

I was beginning to think that I was the only one.