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I have a user when he is creating a new meeting and want to use the planning assistant, then there is one of the meeting persons, where it shows gray oblique shaded lines, and when you read what it stands for, then it says "There is no information" But when he looks into his calender on the same person then he can se when she has meetings and when she is free, how come?

IT is Outlook 2016

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@KlausHenrikKU Hello, this could be caused by several factors so I would prefer a more detailed description about the environment and settings. But as the user can see the schedule outside of the Scheduling Assistant it's most likely the cached entry that needs to be deleted. Start typing the email address of the individual (who is greyed out) and before the address populates hit the X to remove it (from the Auto-Complete List). The list can also be removed from within in the Outlook client settings.

Hi @KlausHenrikKU 


Are both users on the same Exchange server or is one in the cloud and the other on prem?

Have they removed the autocache of the user and tried adding them on via the GAL?


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hi, @HidMov 

They are both on the same exchange server and its outlook 2016.

But I do not have the case/issue no longer, but I got a tip regarding Cache in outlook and If I get the problem again with one of our user then we will try it

Thx again


thx I do not longer have the Case/issue so our exchange people are looking into it