Outlook Mobile issue with IMAP

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My ISP recently did a change in mail systems. So what use to work fine now doesn't in iOS/Outlook mobile. 

I wish Outlook mobile would have in the Advance Settings options for the following:

Ports:  the ability to assign specific ports for Incoming/Outgoing-SMTP ports

SSL:  the ability to set what security method for the mail server

Passwords:  the ability to have custom settings for incoming/outgoing-SMTP because some of us do use this function or use third-party SMTP systems. 

Recently Bluehost did emails systems changes, where my other company domain I literally had to spend 4.5 hours trying to figure out why my email was not working. Kept asking for login/password (which had worked fine for 5 yrs.) after being on hold for 45 mins. I finally got with a support person that we both realized Outlook Mobile does not have SSL/TTL setting I couldn't get Outlook Mobile to use the mail.domain.com  I had to use their box# method, which means I'm at the mercy of their changes. 

Please allow us to make changes in both Outlook Mobile and Outlook after we've done a setup for email. I so miss the old Outlook, where I was able to get to advance settings and do what's necessary sometimes. 

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