Outlook Mac 365 Update Keeps Crashing on Startup

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Hey All,


I've kept putting off selecting the button to use the new Outlook update due to problems in the past. I finally decided to give it a go as asks every time the app is opened.


As soon as it loads it starts connecting the email accounts via imap and then crashes showing the attached warnings/errors.


What is this and how do I fix? 


It literally will not stay open long enough to try band switchback or anything.


Obviously, now wishing I never took the risk.


Thanks, Jaye


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i got the same problem, however I have not switched to the new look, i have tried reinstalling, cleaning and reinstalling, but nothing seams to work


This is te error message a got:

Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0


Error Signature:


ExceptionEnumString: 1

Exception Code: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x000070000e5d8ff8)

Date/Time: 2021-08-25 00:34:40 +0000

Application Name: Microsoft Outlook

Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.Outlook

Application Signature: OPIM

Application Bitness: x64

Application Version:

Crashed Module Name: unknown

Crashed Module Version:

Crashed Module Offset: unknown

Blame Module Name: unknown

Blame Module Version:

UnsymbolicatedChecksum: unknown

Blame Module Offset: unknown

StackHash: unknown

Application LCID: 2057

Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0809

Build Type: Release

Crashed thread Stack Pointer: 0x_000070000e5d9000

Crashed thread: 42