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I an forever getting junk mail. The email header always indicates the the email was sent on behalf of another email address. Have set as junk from both the reply email address and on behalf of email address. But still get them!

In email junk options have even just set the domain address but still get the junk.


As and example the header will say something like xxx@fred.com sent on behalf or xxx@267.com

So have set junk mail at xxx@267.com and @267.com

Outlook ignores both.


Can someone please give me an example of a correct email rule for stopping emails from @267.com

I am scared that I am junking legitimate email addresses, instead of the on behalf of ones.



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Which mail account type are you using and which version of Outlook?

Have you verified that your own address hasn't been added to the Safe Recipients list? 

Hi Robert

Office Outlook 2016 - IMAP/SMTP. Safe Recipients, my email address has been added.



Then that is your issue.

When your address is in the Safe Recipients list, all emails addressed to this email address is treated as not-Junk even when the From address is blocked.

Only use the Safe Recipients lists for things like newsletters that you want to receive but get filtered to the Junk Email folder.

Thanks Robert. Will give it a try.

Hi Robert

Quick update. Still getting the "on behalf of" junk. That is, in the "header" and the "sender" are from different email addresses. Even when I block both email addresses they still creep through.


It appears that the authentic email address is the one in the sender, (not the actual company one, but a real email address which the spammers are using) the one in the reply is the actual company whose product  spamming company is working for .

Any other suggestions?





Hi Bob,


The "Sender" field in the header is indeed the actual sender which should be added to your Blocked Senders list. The "From" field is ignored when there is a "Sender" field.


The "Reply-To" field is ignored when it comes to Safe/Blocked lists.


I find it odd that they still come through unless it has been sent to and address that is on the To or Cc line that is also on your Safe list.


Anyway, a workaround would be to create a rule that looks for specific words in the message header, you can add the addresses or domains to that rule instead.


Another way to go would be to add those addresses to the Blocked list of your IMAP account via webmail. The additional benefit here is that the message would already be filtered before it arrives in Outlook.  



Thank Robert.

Hi Robert Now had a good look at this spam. The spamming email address is always in the Header: From Field




@bobfBobf  Hi!

If you have installed a free service or program, or you accidentally agreed to messages from the sender, the rules will rather be ineffective.
it is better to verify unnecessary free software and disable notifications related to it :)


Hi @A1 


No. I get dozens a email spam per day, all different email address. The common factor is that they sent "on-behalf-of", Both from and  "on-behalf-of" are different in all emails.


Please report this as a phishing attempt!
Really many such reports will get the sender blocked by Microsoft
because you can determine the IP and domain and other server traces that
of the fraudulent sender - it doesn't matter that the addresses are different :)

Hi Andrzaj1 - Thanks will do.
This is not going to help you when Microsoft isn't the one hosting your email; The offline Junk Email Filters of Outlook aren't being updated anymore and are only there for legacy purposes. They may still catch some spam based on some old definitions though.

Again, login to the webmail of your email provider and check whether you can manage Safe/Block lists there. Also check whether you have Junk/Spam Mail filtering enabled there.