Outlook for Android search issue

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The toggle is not available on mine.The toggle is not available on mine.This is the results I getThis is the results I get


Hi Guys,


I have installed the Outlook app for Android and set up my Office 365 email account but my search functionality doesn't seem to work correctly.


When I'm searching, only contacts are appearing and the toggle from the first picture isn't available from my app.


I tried to search using the subject from one my mails and it's not appearing as well.


Any ideas? Thank you!



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It might take some time for the "All results" group to appear, initially you will only see the "contacts" one. Give it some time to load the results, or try a different query. For me it works fine on version 3.0.8.

We had the same issue with all of our work Android phones with Outlook app V3.0.2

Permanent Fix: 

Simply uninstall the Outlook app from your Android phone,

Restart the phone,

Reinstall the Outlook app directly from Play Store,

Add the email account and login,

Let it sync for few minutes,

Try searching a keyword and it should work now. @Raizel