Flagged Emails in New Outlook: Set Reminders and Due Date


I understand that transitioning from Classic Outlook to New Outlook can be intimidating and frustrating, especially regarding the feature changes. I'm here to help you navigate through the differences and make the switch as smooth as possible.


You can access your flagged emails via the MyDay icon located in the top menu. Here are the steps to set reminders, due dates, and more. 


1) Select the My Day icon

2) Click on the To-Do Tab (Note: Usually, this tab defaults to 'Tasks' for the primary mail account.)

3) If you manage multiple accounts, choose the correct mail account.

4) Select Flagged Emails: All flagged items for the select account will appear here

5) Right-click on any flagged item, and you will see many settings, including Set Reminder and Set Due date.






I understand that completing the requirement involves many steps. It can be challenging, but I expect more improvements in the future.


I hope this helps.



#traccreations4e 01/18/2024

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@Teresa_Cyrus This option and Viewing the Flagged Tasks section doesn't seem to be available for Mac systems. Am I correct in that?


I don't follow MAC, so I am uncertain. MAC users always get features much later than PC users. 

This is really not good, way too many steps! I went back to the classic version just because of this.
I created a request to try to keep "Flagged Items" on the new Outlook apps on all platforms,

If you are using the "Flagged Items" in Outlook, you can give it a vote, to avoid loosing it.

@ChrVage- It's unbelievable how unhelpful Microsoft tech folks can be.   Please stop assuming from which screen a person is beginning.  I rarely see the icon the help info suggests to begin from, and it is often I haven't a clue what that icon looks like.   I just want to create an email in Outlook and be able to flag it and set a follow-up date like I've always done.   The new outlook is not intuitive.  What the heck goes on there?