Outlook desktop syn issues

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I have several computers with Outlook desktop (365) installed. They all connect to several email accounts (IMAP).


I have a problem with syncing, if I sync on computer A, then go and sync on computer B, it doesn't sync properly, I have to go to each folder and wait and then it updates after perhaps 10 seconds.


Is there a way to "force" Outlook to refresh every folder by VBA perhaps?

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Hi Carl-Johan_Larsson,

Can you please try to change how often Outlook checks for new email:

I would suggest you take a look on this blog which discusses the outlook synchronization issue. Thus, if there is any related error then it can be helpful for you https://www.magustools.com/blog/general/solved-ms-outlook-ost-synchronization-error-8004011d-526-800...