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Cannot get calendar. When clicking app launcher to access it receive message below, why?


cId: 5634C7D8147147569C130573479CE190
app: Mail
st: 500
ebe: DB8PR09MB4057
et: ServerError
esrc: MasterPage
err: AppStartupFailed
ts: 2020-07-03 08:59:20Z


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@DawnDC  I'm having the same problem starting yesterday. Sometimes it is working fine on my PC but not my laptop. Today it works on my android tablet but not my PC. So it must have something to do with Windows updates and version of Outlook. Hope MS is fixing this asap as it is causing many problems.

@DawnDC for the past 2 days I have the same issue but with a slightly different error message. When I open outlook in a browser (Chrome or Edge) I click on the Calendar icon and I get the "Something went wrong" message. Full message attached. I've been searching for a solution but so far am unable to find one. 


Outlook error message.JPG

@JNewberyI've had the same problem for approximately the last two days also. Here is my error message:

Something went wrong
We can't get that information right now. Please try again later.
cId: 3CC127BB1D67417D8C7591FE66B6C265
app: Mail
st: 500
ebe: BN6PR2201MB1057
et: ServerError
esrc: MasterPage
err: AppStartupFailed
ts: 2020-07-03 12:39:05Z
Fewer details...
Hey! I have same problem 2 last day, same.
Please IT help to fixing it....I’m so sad...


Hi, I am seeing the same issue on both Tablet and PC, Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers today but not sure when it started.  Cannot find any solution.  I can see via https://outlook.live.com/mail clicking 'My Day' icon any calendar events just cannot open the calendar app :(

@DawnDC apologies - I posted a solution to a problem with my Amazon Echo Spot here rather than the Amazon forum!  You must have thought I'd gone insane. Thank you for your response - my calendar is also working today.  Finally!


@JNewbery  I contacted MS and they admitted that there was a problem with an update last week and then only the new version of Edge would work. It should now work OK on all browsers. I don't have a problem anymore



In my case, I ran the Inbox Repair Tool via a reference to it on this site: https://www.msoutlook.info/question/77. This effort lead me to being able to access my Hotmail calendar again. So far, no new problems accessing it have occurred. However, I'm not positive whether doing this or not actually was related to the problem just starting to show as July began....