Outlook 2016 Reading Pane and Message pane changed-Help!

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Hi All, my Outlook 2016, that I use on my laptop changed.  I looked for updates to see if that was the issue and there have been none.  This changed 2-3 days ago.  It might seem like a small change but it is distressing. I pulled an example of how it used to look from Youtube.  On the reading pane you can see that to the right buttons are added for, reply, reply all, forward have suddenly appeared.  The email pane has huge buttons suddenly and is quite different.  I tried going to View and resetting it, I went to touchscreen view to mouse view. Restarted the program, I just don't know what else to do, can someone help?  I know it seems small, but it really bothers me. How it used to look.jpgHow it looks now.jpgHow the email looks.jpg

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