New Outlook is useless!

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The "New" Outlook is awful! So limited and anti productive!!! At first I couldn't find my auto mapped shared mailboxes, and only happened upon it in "groups" by accident.  Not intuitive at all!  It's a shared mailbox.... not a group.  Then, my quick steps didn't transfer to the "New" outlook!  And then I realized why - I used to be able to have quick steps for my additional shared mailboxes that allowed me to move things into separate folders within those shared mailboxes, and now I can only use the quick steps to move stuff into my own mailbox - this is counterproductive and leaves room for operator error! I work with a mailbox that has about 40 different reports in it and when a report has been worked it has to be moved to its respective archive folder - I used to have this set up with quick steps to ensure that I didn't place something in the wrong folder - Alot of the folders are similar in name so its easy to put things in the wrong folder if doing it manually, and no I cannot change the name of the folders... The reports are named by server admins, and are descriptive of the contents of the report.  This is the worst update ever! I hated the webmail platform and now the desktop version is going to be just as simplified and useless! Fix this Microsoft! we have had a very robust and customizable email client for years, so that we could improve productivity... shame on you for thinking you know what we do or don't use, and for making us have to work harder.  You should really do surveys to see what people do or don't use, and ask us what we would like to see added or removed before stripping things out of a program.  It's fine if you want to modify the "appearance" but do not take away the functionality.  The code was already there... no reason to eliminate it, hide it maybe... but not take it away! Now I have to create a macro that will do what I used to use the quick step wizard for.  Oh wait! I can't do that - cause I cannot find the developer tab? Ugh!!! 

Oh... just discovered I cannot put a shared mailbox in my favorites! so now I have to scroll down thru all my mail, and shared boxes to find the shared inbox, instead of it being right at the top! This just keeps getting worse!

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I agree and have the same issues and never gave permission to MS to change my views. I hate it. They even removed the revert button for classic view.