Mail Handler for the web

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It would be great if gives a prompt in edge to open all mail links like how does it!!

I know there is a a mail app but some people just prefer the web or don't have a mail application.





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You can put this on UserVoice: Got an idea? (

Thanks, it would be better if the feedback hub was more integrated into the webapp.
Not all products are tracked in Feedback hub

try this extension, there is Outlook in the options shown in the picture
Thanks, but I am more looking for a built-in way. I wish outlook had a better feedback option to get right to the team
Hello again, sorry for the second message in the row but the extension is great! It is amazing but when I click a email on a site, it just opens not like how the handler does it of opening gmail and opening a separate window of a sent to box to that address.

This extension odes not do that

Thanks anyways
That uservoice is a direct line for product team.
Okay, I get you what you mean now since you said feedback hub earlier. I did send it to the UserVoice.
Just wondering if anyoen wanted to upvote it.
Why do you keep spamming again?