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I had an issue with Outlook that ended with having to reinstall it, but now I do not have the ability to 'Get Add-ins' as it is greyed out.  I had them before to use with my icloud info, but since the reinstall I cannot.  I am a sole user, and admin of my account.  How do I correct this issue?  I am operating Windows 10 64 bit, and Office 365.

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@David_Downs What type of email account do you have configured in Outlook? POP, IMAP,, or Microsoft Exchange?  Get Addins only works with and Office 365 business mailboxes. 

I have POP and IMAP.  I have Outlook 365, downloaded to my PC.  So why did it work previously for me to sync my icloud account?  @Diane Poremsky 

@David_Downs  That is the $64Mill question as it should not have worked with it. 

@Diane Poremsky 


Hi Diane,


We are experiencing the same issue.  We are an enterprise customer and have 1500 users of Office 365.

We've recently started using the Web Viewer add-in to display 360 degree video and the Gett Add-ins and My-Add-ins are both greyed out.  Our IT team don't know why.


I need to find an answer to this as we plan to allow all staff to use the Web Viewer add-in.

We are all Windows 10 with Office 365.


See attached screenshot of the buttons on the PowerPoint ribbon greyed out.

I have also been into PowerPoint Options to view the Add-ins but cannot see Web Viewer there.


Please advise how to do this.





Did you find a solution, i am currently having the same issue.

Thanks Adam