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It has been discovered that when looking through our office Outlook archived emails that there is a period of time where emails have gone missing.
By archived, I refer to “sent” emails that have been moved from Onedrive email account of my boss to her Outlook.com Archive client folders.
Having looked through all the client folders in the Outlook Archive it appears that the period of missing emails are the months of Feb to May. Some folders only have missing emails during the months of April and May. Can anybody offer any guidance on how I can retrieve these missing emails. You assistance is appreciated. Many thanks

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Anybody able to offer assistance or thoughts on this question?

Sarah, can you explain this a little more "Onedrive email account of my boss to her Outlook.com Archive client folders."

Are you using Outlook.com and a personal OneDrive account, not Office 365?

How are the emails moved to the archive? Manually or automatically?

Then we might be able to point you in the right direction for support. It seems to be an isolated case with your account though and not something I've heard happen for other people.



Hello Sonia


Thanks for your reply to my enquiry. My name is Melissa and I am Sarah's assistant. I am working toward identifying the issue and recovering these lost emails.


Sarah is using Outlook 2013 as her main email account for her business.


She also uses Outlook.com to archive her "sent" emails from the Outlook 2013 account.


The emails from her sent items are manually moved, ie dragged and dropped from her sent items to the Outlook.com folders.


Her email system  is set up as such that it all the emails accounts appear and are accessible on her screen.


The period in which we have identified where the emails are missing is during April and May of 2017.


This is essentially the nature of the problem. Please advise if you require more detail to enable troubleshooting.


Kind regards