Guide to inbox management

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With hundreds (or thousands) of messages coming and going from your inbox each month, it can quickly get unruly. Outlook helps you take control and stay on top of what’s important. Here are seven Outlook tips and tools to help you overcome business email overload.


1. Focused Inbox

2. @Mentions

3. Search

4. Tagging

5. Unsubscribe

6. Sweep

7. Mobile apps


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2 Replies

Thanks, useful.

But actually categories are limitate and NOT a practical tool (imagine case of email of multiple colours--> rainbow mails :-(( )


A REAL tagging system would be the definitive solution for all us.

for example: --> in exchange online the office Manager TAG/assign email to a single/group of employees. They develop it. The roles are clear. The responsabilities are clear. No headache. workflow linear and trackable.

Also applicable in case of shared mailbox.


PRO: no sharepoint, very easy to use, integrated in outlook, USEFUL !!




Agreed! We seriously need a full fledge tagging system. Categories are great but very limited. Please implement a real tagging system - and don't forget to include the Mac and iOS users.