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Re: microsoft office professional plus 2016.   I receive email from a sender who is NOT in my safe list.  I tag it to be blocked and moved to my junk folder (which is empty) and it returns immediately from junk to inbox.   the same thing happens if I drag and drop the mail to junk.   FYI, if I drag and drop it to my trash folder it stays there.   what do I need to do to make the automatic or manual move to junk work.   thanks for any help that can be provided.

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Hi @dickstein,


I am an independent advisor responding to this inquiry. It has been several weeks now, and no response. So I started investigating it again today.


I find this behavior really bizarre. I completed a thorough search of my resources and found nothing. However, you may also have a rule or add the sender's domain address ( to a safe list which will override the blocked sender. If this is not the case, I recommend contacting Microsoft Support and letting a product engineer help you. Please post the resolution to assist others who may encounter this abnormal activity. I am really curious too.


Steps to contacting Microsoft Support.

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