Email templates with custom form?

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I send a lot of repetitive emails. I have to do it manually for several reasons.

I use a template but I find it tedious having to edit certain strings of text manually before sending my email.

Would it be possible to use a custom form for this?

Lets take an example: I would like to send an invoice manually. But I always have to edit invoice number, amount, client name etc.

I'd like to insert these strings of text through the use of a form. Instead of having to edit the email directly.

Is this possible with Outlook? Can it be done using custom forms? Perhaps I'd need to make this feature available by making an add-in?

Could you be so kind to point me in the right direction? All advice greatly appreciated.

This is for the latest Outlook version before O365.

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Hi @Denhul900,

have a look at Microsoft Forms