Does anyone have an email parser?

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Good Morning,

I'm not a techie, but I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't be a huge lift.  I'm constantly frustrated when reading long threads in Outlook.  I wish there was a way to collapse all the information not essential to the thread.  I often miss critical comments sandwiched between a header with hundreds of "To" recipients and signature blocks, scrolling up and down in long emails to try and get the gist of the topic.  would be happy to work with someone on a new feature or external parser!


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Hello! Is this about threads on the Microsoft Tech Community website? Or are you referring to Outlook?
Yes I realized that I didn't specify, thank you, I'm specifically talking about Outlook.

@FranSandrow Okay great, thank you. I'm moving your message to the Outlook discussion space where you're more likely to get a relevant answer. 

Ah, thanks! :)