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An email was saved as draft. Please, does anyone know how do I now send this email from the Draft Folder?

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Hi @Polly4940 


Click on the 'Drafts Folder', find the email and click on it. It will show the email in editing mode. Edit if required, then click on the send icon like you normally would. This will send the email as normal.


Hope this helps,



Thank you for your advice and I will try this next time.

I found I could not do anything with the email; it was greyed out and I could not continue working on it therefore it could not be sent. After 10 minutes of trying just about everything I could think of I decided to rewrite my email and send in usual way, but I will try your advice next time, as I am sure it will happen to me again as I am a very slow worker these days, old age is a bug*** 

Thank you all the same.



I had a similar issue, I think.  I had an email that I was working on, but left it for a while.  When I went back to it, it was in the "draft" folder.  I opened it and finished it, but when I clicked the "send" button, I got a message that said the email could not be sent because it had been changed!!  What the heck?  That's the purpose of the "draft" folder, to place emails that need to be changed, either edited or finished, before being sent.  I don't know how to get around this.

The only way I found round it was to finish my typing then copy it into a new email. It's a nuisance but good if no-one knows any better.


Thanks very much for your response!  You are so correct that this would be a nuisance, so I will keep looking for a more sensible way around the problem.